25th National Congress Of Rehabilitation


1st North African Congress of the Tunisian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dear Colleagues and dear Friends,
Holding this 25th National Congress and 1st North African Congress of the Tunisian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a real privilege and honor for us. Our feeling at this moment underlines the degree of our attachment to our specialty and our aim to optimize the collaboration with friendly and neighboring Scientific societies. Indeed, this 1st North African Congress will be an opportunity to meet our North African friends and colleagues (Algerians, Moroccans, and Egyptians). It will be the occasion to share experience, with the hope to succeed both at organization and scientifically.
It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in this scientific event which will take place on May 12, 13 and 14, 2023 at the Hotel Russelior in the magnificent seaside town of Hammamet, Tunisia.
The topics that will be covered are:
  •  The Brain Injured Patient In early stage
  • Balance Disorders: Assessment and Management
  • Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy
The choice of themes was self-evident for us. Indeed, in the daily practice of our specialty, we are unfortunately confronted with patients seen at the stages of secondary or tertiary complications of their pathology. What was initially an easy case to handle, becomes more difficult to resolve.
Faced with the essentially preventive nature of our approach, which will be discussed in this congress, we could not avoid being multidisciplinary in our interventions. We have therefore invited the following scientific societies to participate, and we thank them for having responded positively to our invitation:
  •  Tunisian Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia, and intensive care medicine
  • The Medical Social Association for the Elderly of Sousse (Tunisia)
  • Tunisian Society of Family Medicine
The Program of this National and North African Congress will be very interesting with national and international guests’ conferences. It will include topical sessions, practical workshops, and symposia. We have also chosen to schedule a new session for young PMR doctors, and an English session. We hope that they will become a usual tradition.
A call for abstract submission has already been launched. The selected works will be presented as oral communications and E-Poster and the three best will receive a prize.
This year marks the 30th anniversary since our national society was founded. The involvement of all can only strengthen our conviction that together and in a spirit of solidarity, the future of our society can only be promising.
Looking forward to having you with us.
Best regards
Presidents of Congress
Pr H. Rahali                     rahadoc@yahoo.fr                   +21698618824
Pr Ag R. Maaoui            maaouirim@ymail.com            +21654147537
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department
Main Military Hospital of Instruction of Tunis, Tunisia

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